Mike Somers Scholarship

The Mike Somers Memorial AAPS Scholarship OFFICIAL APPLICATION   

The Mike Somers Memorial Scholarship is presented annually in April or May by the Association of Alternate Postal Systems.

The scholarship is based on need and merit. An award will be in the amount of $3,000 and a percentage is distributed per year as long as the recipient remains academically eligible. It is mandatory that the scholarship award winners attend a college, university or school of their choice, the fall semester immediately following selection. The first disbursement must be made within twelve (12) months of selection. Money forfeited will return to the scholarship fund.


  1. Applicant’s parent or legal guardian must work for a company who belongs to the Association of Alternate Postal Systems.
  2. Applicant must be a high school graduating senior or a current college student.
  3. Contestants are not limited to attending a four-year college. Vocational schools, trade schools, and community colleges are also acceptable.
  4. Applicant shall have submitted an official Application of Scholarship, complete with all transcripts, recommendations, and forms required, to the AAPS Scholarship Award committee by the end of March.
  5. A copy of his/her grades and class ranking and relevant standardized test score (SAT, ACT, SCAT, PSAT) shall accompany the application. Please indicate which test scores are being submitted. Please describe grading system (i.e., A=B=. etc.).
    Please provide class rank in the following form: 1) numerical rank 2) size of class. Make sure to stress the importance of class ranking and grading system to your principal or superintendent as the Mike Somers Memorial Scholarship need this to fairly judge your application. 
    If necessary items in number 5 are omitted, applicant will be disqualified!
  6. Applicant must maintain a “2.5” average (based upon a four point system) to receive remainder of scholarship monies.
  7. Three recommendations must be obtained to complete the application. One should be from a current AAPS member (non-relative), and two from your choice of the following categories: 1) Business person in the community; 2) FFA, $-H, Boy or Girl Scout adult leader; 3) School principal, superintendent, counselor, teacher, or coach; 4) Pastor or church youth advisor; or 5) Employer. The applicant should determine which three people would offer the best recommendations. 
    Photocopy the enclosed personal recommendation form and distribute it to the three individuals chosen. These are confidential and each is to be mailed by the three references directly to the AAPS scholarship chairperson. The name and mailing address is on the recommendation form.


  1. Neatness of application which must be in the applicant’s own handwriting
  2. Scholarship-A transcript of the applicant’s high school or university, vocational or trade school grades.
  3. Past accomplishments
  4. Leadership accomplishments
  5. Initiative and participation in the community, school, etc. The ability to start, stay with, and finish a project. This should include extracurricular activities at current school. In the case of post high school applicants, consideration will be given to students employed to assist with school expenses.
  6. A personal interview, perhaps by phone, may be required if judging is close.


Applications must be in the AAPS office by the final day of March. Applications completed with three references (mailed separately) must be received on or prior to this date by the AAPS Scholarship Chairperson at: AAPS, 1725 Oaks Way, Oklahoma City, OK, 73131.