Marketing Study Ranks Direct2Door Highly


             Advertising delivered to the driveway or door received high marks from a study conducted by Coda Ventures LLC in June, 2016 and published in Editor & Publisher magazine last month.

             In the category of Ads with the Best Sales and Deals, advertising delivered to the home more than doubled magazines and social media, tripled radio and followed television. Newspaper was the leader.

             In the category of Top5 Local Ad Channels That Drive Consumer Sales, Circulars delivered to Driveway/Door eclipsed ROP Ads Printed in Newspapers and Ads on Magazine and Social Websites and finished slightly behind Point-of-Sale Circulars.  Newspaper inserts/circulars finished first, however, only they were only 12 percentage points ahead of direct to door delivery.

             In what is considered the largest and most recent study comparing all forms of print and electronic media response, the results confirm direct to driveway/door delivery deserves its credible status as a medium the nation’s advertisers and consumers have come to reply upon and welcome into their homes.

             The source for the study was AMG/Parade and titled 2016 Local Knowledge Study. It was based on a survey of 1,003 local media users and respondents who often purchased products and services as a result of a various mediums.

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Here are the results:

             Ads with the Best Sales and Deals

             Newspaper                      47%

             Television                        32%

             Ads Delivered to Home  27%

             Point-of-sale Circulars   17%

             Magazines                       13%

             Social Media ads             12%

             Radio                               10%

             Other Website Ads           6%


             Top 5 Local Ad Channels That Drive Consumer Sales

             Newspapers Inserts/Circulars               53%

             Point-of-Sale Circulars             47%

             Circulars Delivered to Driveway/Door 41%

             ROP Ads in Printed Newspapers          39%

             Ads on Magazine/Social Websites        36%