3 Things You Should Know About AAPS

Three things you should know about the private advertising and publication distribution industry:

  • The private advertising and publication distribution industry provides high quality, lower cost direct to door distribution services as an alternative for advertisers seeking to improve profits.
  • As an active trade association for the industry, the Association of Alternate Postal Systems (AAPS), continues to protect the legal right to deliver advertising and publications in the United States and mitigate the damage that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has attempted over the years through the manipulation of postal rates
  • As private enterprises, AAPS member companies employ thousands in full and part time jobs, create thousands of opportunities for self employed contractors and provide a steady source of income for the Internal Revenue Service.

A simple business plan: While so much of the traditional media has raced to embrace the internet as an attempt to reinvent themselves, we have focused our organization and the annual AAPS conference upon improving our technique, our operations and our services, in other words, our business plan.

Why our industry’s business plan remains relevant: Let’s face it, the eye popping decline in advertising revenue over the past several quarters for traditional media and distribution companies alike, is due in part to the punishing economy. However, many advertisers have become less enamored with the results and cost of traditional media and are looking elsewhere.

The advertiser today understands that no one channel fits all. They need the most economic and reliable way to reach new and potential customers with the greater variety of offers they have. Direct to the household distribution remains strongly positioned as a major source for print advertisers needing to better target customers and cut waste.

Today’s technology has allowed consumers to routinely block or ignore advertising messages. Conversely, print advertising and publications, the kind that provides engagement, motivation and utility, can still be delivered direct to a consumer at home, at the right time and at the right cost.

As advertisers look for ways to leverage their message in a way that is best suited to their advertiser, distributed print advertising remains the premier way to do that.