About AAPS

An Overview Of AAPS

AAPS is an association of advertising distribution service companies.

All of our member companies are privately owned and deliver preprinted inserts, doorhangers, total market coverage publications, weekly and daily newspapers, phone books and product samples direct to homes via the front door or porch or to rack locations at businesses. 

Private advertising distribution companies provide publishers and advertisers with a reliable and less expensive alternative to the postal stream (The USPS).

Major competitors are the Post Office, marriage mailers and in some cases newspapers. However, newspaper companies in several major and smaller markets own many private delivery companies.

AAPS member companies come in all sizes. Many employ or contract hundreds of carriers and are capable of delivering several million unduplicated households in a single week. Yet, some are very small, delivering 25,000 to 100,000 households. Some companies deliver only in the city or state they are located in and others will travel delivery crews anywhere in the United States to deliver for clients needing nationwide delivery.

Several AAPS member companies broker or wholesale delivery items to other distribution companies and AAPS member companies in the U.S. They usually negotiate rates, create delivery routing, provide delivery mapping services and provide delivery audits in order to assist national or regional clients with reaching their required customer targets.

Adult carriers are either contracted or employed to deliver products. Mostly they use their own vehicles. Companies employ administration, warehouse, sales as well as distribution and verification personnel depending on their size and needs.

While there are private distribution companies in just about every state, AAPS members represent 39 states and Canada. However, delivery is available in any state via several AAPS members.

Major advertisers, local advertisers, publishers and manufacturers such as Proctor and Gamble, Pizza Hut, Sprint, Wal-Mart, and Yellow Book, among others, use private delivery services to distribute millions of coupons, phone directories, product samples and preprinted inserts saturated in neighborhoods via plastic bags or delivered in publications to the porch or door.Phone book bag

AAPS was founded in 1973 by a group of individuals that determined there was a need for private distribution companies to intervene during postal rate cases and postal reform bills in congress that could potentially harm private enterprise operations competing against the government controlled post office. Education, legal and communications components were added later as well as an annual conference.

The AAPS Update publishes four to six times a year and the AAPS e-Newsletter publishes monthly keeping members informed of industry issues, ideas, new members and news that affect our members.